Chandler & Company are landscape designers and contractors. Our emphasis is unique design, personalized service and quality workmanship.

The majority of our work is residential and the majority of that work is in the city.

We have over 25 years experience in dealing with the special issues of the urban garden. We are not a large firm, but we are large enough and skilled enough to handle all aspects of your project.

It has always been our desire to present the client with a comprehensive service.
Plants and planting were our original work and remain a major love. Over the years we have increased our construction skills and abilities in response to the demands of more sophisticated projects. As such, we are confident in our abilities to create with woodwork and stonework in all their aspects. We can create water features. Lighting and irrigation are also components that we include in our projects.

Again, as a smaller firm, we typically have no more than two projects in progress at any one time. This ensures that work, once started, proceeds reliably through to the end. Work is co-ordinated and supervised by the principal of company, Bill Chandler. He remains your contact for questions and concerns throughout the project.

We enjoy working in people’s homes. Nothing beats seeing a project come together the way the client had hoped, seeing the satisfaction on the client’s face.

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